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Letters of a College Student: Entry 133

*You were just always talking about changing, changing
Guess what I am the same man, same man*


I had a long and awesome Skype chat with Lindsey Tagg. She is an awesome person to talk to and to just chill with.
Also I just miss being about to have a conversation with someone for a long period of time over the phone. Skype is the closest thing to that.

Side Note
I was watching the show “Friend Zone” on MTV..damn. Rejection sucks, but watching people get rejected sucks too! I feel so bad for the girls.
Like one out of the four episodes I saw actually ended happily.
Some guy fucking rejected a REALLY pretty girl.
And one girl didn’t actually tell the guy and just let him walk away :/


Belol texted me randomly and asked me if I wanted to hang out. Of course I did, I had nothing else to do. Haha. I also invited over Josh and Cesco. It was a pretty good time. I killed everyone in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. Like MURDERED everyone. The only person that got close to beating me was Denzel and Belol.
First it was just Belol, Josh and Myself watching G4’s Top 100 video games. It was a decent countdown. My only question was why Fable didn’t make it? Other wise…eh too many Mario games made it. I feel like series and stuff should really just be lumped together.
Then Denzel, Cesco and Chris came over to chill. I blew Chris and Cesco’s minds with new card tricks. Then they played Yugioh as I played Budokia 3 and finally people stepped up to face me…sadly they were all obliterated. Hahah..I think I’m so cool..

Work at like 9am. It wasn’t too bad tho. The entire day I sounded like a broke record. I literally only said this:

Scenario 1:
Me: “Hello, is there anything I could do for you today?”
Them: “No”
“Alright, well we’re having an additional 25% off sale on all clearance items. So like this shirt here, you take whatever this sticker price is and then take another 25% off of it. That’s going on this side and the other side if that interests you. I’ll be around if you need anything else.”
Them: “Awesome, thank you.”

Scenario 2:
Me: “Hello is there anything I could do for you today?”
Them: “Yes could yo-“
Me: “THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN ‘yes’?! I didn’t plan for a yes…”

Afterwards I went to Gamestop to pre-order the new Pokemon: Conquest game.

My Day

Work again, but I really enjoy going.
I swear after this Father’s day sale stops..I’m not gonna know what to say to customers.

Also I got a beautiful video made by my lovely “daughter” Rachel Barnes, I miss my kids :/

About Me
Some quick facts about me.

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake.

Now about the Friend Zone thing, I mentioned under the “Thursday” heading. It’s adorable and I thought really quickly that it’d be cute if one of my friends came out and told me. Then I realized…4 have in the past…we’re no longer friends. You see I have this sort of knee-jerk reaction where I guess I just ended up destroying the friendship. I don’t know why and it’s been such a long time since the last time it happened. But I’d advise against anyone telling me they like me if we’re already really good friends.

The End
Hmm Cheesecake…

Letters of a College Student: Entry 126



She came over relatively early, which was around 1pm, and we caught up. I haven’t seen her in the longest time, actually I think the last time was when I went down to CNU to visit. I showed her “Piff the Magical Dragon,” that guy is my favorite Magician.

You can check out more here: (
Followed by this: (

Anywayz we caught up and made plans to hang out more later that night.

I went to my pool tournament. I should explain, I call it a tournament, but it’s a little more than that. You’re put on a team and then you compete as a team in a huge bracket tournament. So it’s not a one man thing.
So anywayz, I lost again. Which is fine by me, I think I can play well, but I can’t compete. Too much pressure :/
Anywayz, my team dissolved tho, because we didn’t have enough players, so half our team joined the team we were playing that day. It’s funny, because the head guy running the leagues was the one who chose me along with another. He didn’t take my old team captain tho. It was kinda sad, but I guess he wasn’t good enough? idk..
Got to know my new teammates and I stayed there for like four hours.

We made plans to hang out after 10pm. She took me on what she calls the “Vienna Drive,” or at least that’s what I assume she calls it.
It was a really nice and relaxing ride. Of course a drive like that you have a nice heart to heart with the person you’re with and somehow we got on the topic of relationships(Fuck it, I always get on the topic eventually if I’m talking to a girl.) It was nice to blow off some more steam.
Then Bryan a mutual friend of ours called and we headed over to his house to hang out. He told me about his past relationships and I told him a little bit of my story before we had to head out of there.
Olga drove me back to my house and stayed for roughly an hour or so before she had to go. It was a nice day with her.


Not much happened today, I was just woken up early, because my relatives came over to hang out. Actually one of my Aunts from California came over to visit. Idk why really..but she did.
Now here’s what I hate about Vietnamese people(It could be all old, people, but whatever). All the fucking talk at me about is my schooling. Guilt tripping me to work harder, and telling me it’ll be a hard road. Basically 2hrs of EVERYTHING I ALREADY FUCKING KNOW.
Then..they talk about you, infront of you as a group discussion…and I swear to god, just SHUT UP.
Finally when we were at the Restaurant to eat and we had to order. They would just suggest different foods to others as the waiters just standing there. They would fucking talk over eachother and it was just…really fucking annoying. I swear I just wanted to throw my chair through the window and leave.
Happy day :)

Points to Consider
It’s funny as I keep thinking about it, I probably couldn’t date a Vietnamese girl.
The number 1 reason being I can’t speak vietnamese well. It’s good enough to communicate, but I can’t flirt for shit. Also when I have to meet her parents, I wouldn’t be able to talk to them I’d just stand there and have them make fun of me when I leave, so fuck that.
And..I can’t deal with a bunch of viet people all in one place, could you fucking imagine both families having a get together?…that’s more people than the entire population of Hawaii.

The End
Good times.

Letters of a College Student: Entry 64

*In another life
I would make you stay
So I don’t have to say
You were the one who got away.*

Sorry guys, I’ve just been so worn and swamped day to day that I haven’t had time to write entries.
Also I’ve been playing alot of yugioh which has been keeping me from Entries lol…

I nerded SO hard that day.
I went over to Francesco’s house with Belol and we watched the Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie. It was epic! I’m just fucking confused…like what happened at the end??
Then we played yugioh and talked yugioh for god knows how long. Ahh good times.

My Day
I woke up at like 9am today and I wanted to SHOOT myself.
But I dealt with it, because Vanessa was coming over early to hang out.
I made her breakfast so that we could eat and then just talk.
It was  pretty cool cuz we talked from like 11:30am to 2:30pm, about 3 hours. Wow that’s a long time.
Then Amanda came over and Vanessa left. Amanda gave me some christmas presents and they fucking WONDERFUL.
omg…she…she gave me…holy shit..that girl, FUCKING AMAZING.
She got someone to paint the Baltimore Ravens Team, so I got a fucking PAINTING OF THE BALTIMORE RAVENS TEAM!!!
It had all the important people too. Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Anquain Boldin, Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed. GODfhakljgoahsffasgh;afjsl;h YESS
Anywayz…then we just snuggled up and watched scrubs til she had to go.
Afterwards Eddy called to see if I wanted to hang out and I was like eh, why not?
So we nerded over yugioh some and then he left.

The End
I am TOOO tired to be funny or thoughtful tonight, sorry guys.

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